The SENECT control units measure various parameters with sensors and regulate via actuators important processes, e.g. the concentration of dissolved oxygen. Actuators are devices, which convert electrical signals into movement or other physical parameters like light or flow. Thatīs why pumps, automatic feeders or soleonoid valves are all actuators.

Depending on type, the SENECT control units have varying numbers of output actuator ports, on which SENECT actuators, but also actuators of third-party producers can be connected. The actuator port delivers several signals: 24 V DC PWM, 4-20 mA and 0-10 V. This enables you to control many actuators directly, for example variable frequency drive for pumps or to connect your SENECT control to other control systems, e.g. facility SCADA or SPS systems.

In case you want to use an 230 V AC device on the actuator ports which cannot be regulated by one of the actuator signals, you can connect the Power Switch SC24230 between the actuator port and your device to control it.

Connecting third-party devices? - No problem, you can order actuator cables and plugs directly from us.

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