Indoor Feeder 7 l / 5 kg

Item number: 3301

Dimensions: app. Ø 280 x 380 mm
Material: PVC, PP
Feed grain size: 2 to 9 mm
Cable length: 5 m
Ingress protection: IP 44

Category: Fish Feeder

The solution for automatized small and medium size pellet fish feeding

The SENECT Fish Feeder EF is designed for automatized feeding of pelleted fish feed in hatcheries or for the on-growing. With its rotor dispenser, the feed can be portioned in small amounts so that many feedings per day are possible. The plug-and-play installation makes the installation with the SENECT control units easy. With its included holder, the feeder can be mounted thoroughly, e.g. at a wall beside the fish tank or directly on fish tanks.

  • For small and medium size pelleted fish feed
  • Capacity for app. 5 kg feed
  • Including wall mount holder
  • Cost efficient automatic feeder

Intelligent control of feeder with the SENECT control units

All SENECT control units exhibit a powerful and extensive menu to make the feeding as efficient as possible. The calibration of the feeder - matched to the selected fish feed - allows to feed precise defined amounts of feed. Additionally, the feeding can be related to water quality parameters². For example the feed amount can be corrected in relation to the temperature (according to the feed manufacturer recommendations of the feed spec sheets). Feeding can also be stopped in case of unfavourable oxygen conditions. In case of an connected aeration or oxygenation, it can be switched on prior feeding to ensure optimal oxygen conditions to facilitate efficient digestion. ¹except MONITOR|4, ² respective sensor required, e.g. oxygen sensor O2S, temperature sensor TMP

Product weight: 1,50 Kg

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