Sensor - Water Level Probe PS

Item number: 2001

Hydrostatic water level measurements

Dimensions: Diameter 33 mm, length 168 mm
Material (pressure sensor): Stainless steel 1.4435
Material (housing): Polypropylene
Range: 0 - 300 mbar
Accuracy: < 1% FS
Temperature: 0 - 40°C
Power consumption: << 1 W
Cable length: 7.5 m
Compatibility: with all SENECT control units
Ingress protection: IP 68 (Sensor)

Category: Sensors

Water Level Probe - PS

  • Long-term stable hydrostatic measurement principle
  • Range 0 - 3 m water column (0 - 300 mbar)
  • Resistand against dirt or biofouling
  • Virtual maintenance free
  • Ideal for water level control applications

High precision - also in dirty waters.

The SENECT PS water level probe measures the level of water with the principle of hydrostatic pressure measurements.

Due to this method, the measurement is virtually not influenced by dirt or biofouling. That´s why the PS sensors are ideal for aquaculture or wastewater applications.

In such applications, the versatile SENCET PS probes are used for water level monitoring in tanks, but also for controlling the water level by refilling or for the control of drum and belt filter.


Use of the Sensor with the Senect Control App via a Senect Controller


Screenshot of Senect Control App - water level


The screenshot shows the visualisation of water level measurements. If a set threshold is short of or exceeded, water can be added automaticaly, by using a Solenoid Valve, or an alarm can be triggered using one of the Senect Controllers.

Product weight: 0,48 Kg

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