Monitoring and control units from SENECT - for every application the perfect controller

Senect offers you several control units which differ in their number of sensor- and output ports as well as in their functionality and power.

But all Senect control units have in common, that they are equipped with an WLAN module and can therefore be embedded in an network. This allows you to control all units remotely for example using your android or iOS mobile phone and receive alarm messages. You also have the possibility to monitor all measurements or actions on your PC and opertate the system from your office. Additionally, by using tablet PCs, you can set all the settings conveniently while standing in front of your tanks or pond.

Several Senect control units can be piled togehter in your software so that you can manage you entire aquaculture system with one programme or app.

Overview SENECT Controller

* 2 x Water level sensors, 1 x Cover switch

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