Item number: 140

Dimensions: 265 x 254 x 127 mm
Power supply: 85-265 V AC, 47-63 Hz
Sensor input ports: 3 x Senect sensors
Output ports: 1 x High-Power output
2 x Actuator output ports
3 x 230 VAC
Signals of the actuator outputs: 24 V DC PWM, 0-10 V, 4-20 mA
Ingress protection: IP54
Data transmission: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz WLAN, remote access via dynamic DNS, port forwarding and IPv4

Category: Controller

Power Supply
Alarm output
Mains Connector

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Powerful. Clever. Connected.

  • 3 x sensor plug: Every Senect sensor can be connected (e.g. O2, pH, ORP, water level and more)
  • 2 x versatile actuator output ports with 24 V DC, 4 - 20 mA, 0 - 10 V

--> connectivity with PLC / SCADA Systems
--> connection to actuators like feeders or pumps (or variable frequency converters) of other manufacturers possible
--> available with 150 W or 300 W power supply

  • 230 V AC output ports with Schuko-plugs: connecting for example pumps or light directly
  • 1 x High-Power 24 V DC output port
  • All output ports are freely programmable, e.g. time or sensor-controlled, but also in relation to other output ports
  • Intelligent feeder and filter control
  • WLAN: alarm and remote control online

Example configuration drum- or beltfilter regulation with oxygen control & monitoring

  • Data evaluation and settings via WLAN and App
  • Notifications via push message and E-Mail

The level sensor at sensor plug 1 measures the water level in the filter and starts a backwash of the filter at the specified flush level. All cleaning parameter can set by the user (e.g. Flush level, back wash duration and many more).

The UV-C Lamp at mains plug 2 and the circulation pump at mains plug 3 will be switched of in case of an emergency (e.g. dry run protection) and automatic switched on again when the system is alright again.

App Screenshot: Recording the water level in the pre chamber of a pumped filter. The level rises until a cleaning is triggered. The level then drops rapidly due to backwashing of the filter.

The level probe at sensor slot 2 measures the water level in the pond and opens the solenoid valve at output 2 to refill missing water.
Various functions are available (e.g. additional temporal addition ? frost protection, max. duration ? leakage detection).

App Screenshot: Recording the water level in the pond. The level drops slowly until the magnetic valve is opened and the missing water is refilled.

An oxygen sensor is connected to sensor slot 3. When the oxygen level falls below the set control switch-on point, the oxygen solenoid valve at actuator slot 1 is opened and oxygen is added until the desired saturation is reached.

When the oxygen level falls below the set lower alarm threshold, a notification is sent by push message and e-mail and the alarm output (for models with alarm output) is switched.

App Screenshot: Record of oxygen (blue) and temperature (yellow) over the last 8 hours.

Advantages through the intelligent filter control algorithms of SENECT

Low maintenance and resource-saving through:

  • the intensive cleaning programme2
  • the Eco Mode (saves up to 40% water)1
  • the automatic water refill (with optionally available magnetic valve)1

Safety through:

  • Monitoring of water level and motor current (for 24 V DC motors)1,2
  • Alarm messages in case of error on Smartphone, Tablet or PC
  • Alarm also possible with warning lamp or as signal to SPS
  • Remote access: insight into past actions, measured values and current status online


  • easy installation thanks to plug connectors
  • subsequent installation on almost every filter possible
  • operation directly on the device, but also conveniently via tablet or PC

Clever software functions

  • Control of output ports also with time windows - e.g. control only active between 7 am and 6 pm
  • Time controlled activation by choosing time edits or by selecting intervals
  • Sensor-based control of outputs, e.g. by setting treshholds
  • Activation of output in relation to other outputs (e.g. lifting skimmers with an airpump before feeding)
  • Actuator output ports also useable for alarming (e.g. alarm lamp, signal horn)
  • Intelligent automatic feeder control (also with calibration)
  • ...and many more!

The SENECT System

  • A modular, decentralized control system:
    • Simple expansion of existing plants
    • Increased safety through small, distributed units
    • Inexpensive installation due to low cabling effort
  • Wireless data connection via WLAN
    • Updates via WLAN: Install new features free of charge
    • Inexpensive installation: No network cables necessary

The SENECT Control App

The SENECT Control App is a software for smartphones, tablets and computers (PC and Mac) that can be used to operate the SENECT control units.

  • Clearly arranged: Operation of all control units in one software
  • Convenient: Perform actions (e.g. feeding), make settings
  • Interesting: Graphical sensor measured value display
  • Important: Receiving alarm messages

The SENECT Control App allows you to integrate your SENECT control units into your WLAN network and use your smartphone, tablet or PC to make settings, trigger actions, receive alarm messages, view sensor readings live or save the recorded data locally (PC version only).

For example, with the SENECT Control App you can be notified by push message and email in case of an alarm, e.g. when the oxygen concentration falls below a specified level or when the filter stops (emergency stop).

You can use the SENECT Control App to receive the sensor readings and the status of the respective devices (e.g. filter: last cleaning or solenoid valve: on / off) and thus maintain an overview of your system.

Benefit from the advantages of the SENECT Control App:

  • Easy and convenient setting of the settings
  • Always keep an eye on the water parameters even when on the move
  • Alarm when measured values exceed or fall below thresholds

Download the SENECT Control App for Android, iOs or Windows devices..

Available in Google Playstore, App Store or here:

The SENECT Control App requires access to the GPS of your mobile device (Android) to detect available WLAN networks. No personal data is collected or stored.

You can find further information on this in our privacy policy.

1 Functions that are controlled by measuring the water level are only available when an optionally available SENECT level sensor PS or the level sensor EPS is connected. These functions are: Cleaning trigger after water level, emergency shutdown, Eco Mode, Dynamic Mode.

2 Functions that require a controlled change of the motor speed are only available if the filter motor is connected via the 24 V DC output (OUT 3) or via the control of a frequency converter (for 230 V or 400 V filter motors). These functions include: Intensive cleaning, soft start, manual speed change.

Overview SENECT Controller

* 2 x Water level sensors, 1 x Cover switch

Product weight: 2,30 Kg

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