ECD Ceramic Oxygen Diffuser

Item number: 3040

Ceramic Hose Attachment for optional addition of oxygen

  • Ultra-high efficient due to small bubble size
  • Antimicrobial ceramic prevents biofouling
  • Facilitates uplift of bottom-water
  • For 1.5-3 l/min (ECD200) or 3-6 l/min (ECD400) at 1 to 2 bar
  • G1/8" female thread with 6 mm hose

Category: Oxygen


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Maximizing oxygenation efficiency - ultra fine micro-bubbles produced with the ECD Ceramic Diffusors.

The diffusor ECD200 and the larger ECD400 are specially designed to maximise the oxygen transfer efficiency in aquaculture. This maximization in turn reduces the operation costs for aeration, oxygenation or ozone dosing.

With its antimicrobial ceramic, biofouling is minimized so that a typical periodical check of 3 to 6 months is adequate. The ring-shaped form facilitates the lift of bottom-water, which is often depleted with oxygen, and increases the ECDs effectiveness further.

Togehter with the SENECT control units, the oxygen sensor O2S and the solenoid valve M7, the ECD200 is the optimal choice to build up an extreme efficient oxygenation system for your aquaculture farm.

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